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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Welcome all Oliva Nova (Espana) Residents

Welcome to our latest communication tool for all residents of Oliva Nova and Oliva Nova Golf in Spain. Please use this blog as a forum to enter any posts or reply comments as you desire.

For all home residents and owners wishing to enter their own posts you will have to register through me. Simply fill send us an email with your name & email address & we will get you logged in for your own postings. You can do this by visiting http://www.malibu-beach.com/ and clicking the contact us link.  Anyone wishing to simply comment on an existing post does not have to register - just get writing.

This forum is designed to allow all home owners & residents to post any issues or queries they may have in an effort to share useful information or to ask for help.

The forum is unregulated although I do have the power to remove any unsuitable posts or comments.

Have fun and lets keep Malibu Beach and Oliva Nova a truely wonderful place to live.



  • I am a resident of Malibu Beach Phase 1. I reside in the small bungalows adjoining the green zone.
    This zone is owned by the town council and not CHG. Until recently this zone was a very clean area where children could play and people could relax. Since Phase 2 has now been completed the zone is now a dumping ground for owners dogs and their droppings are everywhere. Because the area is gravel and not grass the droppings do not degrade and remain there forever making this a health hazard. Even owners from outside Malibu Beach come and let their dogs defacate. I have had many strong words with the owners about this and asked them to pick it up but to no avail. I just can not understand peoples mentality allowing their dogs to do this near other peoples property. So this message is a warning, when I am in residence and I see a dog doing it's business and the owner refuses to pick it up, then I will pick it up myself and dump it at the owners front door. See how they like that !!

    By Blogger Alan Glass, at 12:09 AM  

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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:58 PM  

  • Have fun with Oliva Nova Golf a truely wonderful place to live. Its prefect for family holiday and golfer.

    By Blogger costaless golf, at 9:16 AM  

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